The Pentacles of Solomon

One of history's most famous grimoires,The Key of Solomon (Latin, 'Clavicula Salomonis’) is a 16th century spell book and the premier manual for the ceremonial magician. It is a fascinating artefact of the European Renaissance, serving as a treasury and guidebook of ceremonial magic, and holding within it The Order of the Pentacles, the detailed series of talismans featured in our collection.

The Order of the Pentacles was a banquet of esoterica, a curious blend of mysticism from all ages and traditions: calling upon powers astrological and the alchemical, evoking spirits angelic and exotic, scribed in languages magical and ancient, and beautifully arranged in verses and sacred geometric structures or symbolic imagery. True occult treasures, these talismans were held by magicians and nobility alike.

The word Pentacle has its origins in the early Italian and French root pend-, meaning “to hang”, and as such, these talismans were to be worn about the neck. Despite also sharing a root with the Greek pente (five), they did not always employ star-shaped figures.

The Pentacles are cast from a melting pot of classical and occult influences: Greek, Latin, Ancient Hebrew, the magical sigils of Dee and Agrippa, Gnostic Mysticism and Babylonian Astrology; not the work of a single tradition or author, but influenced by the works of many magicians and many cultures across a great span of history. Later traditions have adopted them into their own practices, for example The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn uses the Pentacle as one of its five magical accoutrements. Wicca has similarly adopted the Pentacle as a symbol central to its tradition.

Pentacles of Solomon

In their structure, the seals of Solomon combine symbolism and imagery, power and beauty, ordered within a geometric whole that touches the earthly world at its base, and reaches to the divine heavens at its apex. They express the link between science and metaphysics, medicine and magic, astronomy and astrology; each a necessary part of the divine whole.

To employ the Pentacles, the magician was required to first ritually cleanse themselves, after which they would turn their face to the east and hold their chosen talisman over burning incense (frankincense or myrrh being popular choices), whilst reciting the appropriate psalms and evocations. After this was done, they would then consecrate the seal by reciting The Oration from chapter eight of The Key of Solomon. Activation of the seal was then simply a matter of holding the talisman in the left hand and reciting its associated versicle.

Our selection features the most powerful and beneficial talismans from The Order of the Pentacles. They have been thoroughly researched and masterfully transcribed with care given to the finest detail. They are sealed within a cabochon lens, which magnifies them beautifully so their details remain vivid to the naked eye. It is our pleasure to bring these occult treasures into the modern world and share their mysteries with you.