About Us

What is Hibernacula?

In biology, Hibernacula are the nests, pods, and secret burrows which protect plants and animals through winters, droughts, and inhospitable climates. As humble as they may appear, each holds within it a dreaming mind, a living heart, and a promise of awakening.

As creatures of nature, we enact its patterns in everything that we create and dream. The biological becomes the anthropological. And just as there are Hibernacula in nature, there are also the Hibernacula of History, honored and preserved in libraries and museums, or etched into the details of our everyday lives: Immortal artifacts and forgotten symbols, the wisdom of the ages and follies of more innocent times. There are Hibernacula of mind and spirit, coded into our dreams, our myths, and our fantasies. They come alive in the theater of our imaginations, but do we dare to make them real?

Living Mysteries

These perennial truths may grow dormant, obscured, or disconnected from us, but their latent power will not allow them die. Hibernacula are essential, living mysteries; safely hidden, preciously preserved. At the fringes of our memory, they are awaiting a Renaissance: A season of rebirth.

In our studio, we believe that true art is the exploration of mystery, and true treasures are discoveries revealed. When we are not creating, we are exploring, researching, and sharing our discoveries. Through our shop we present you with a gallery of ancient symbols and potent talismans, studiously researched and vividly illuminated; artifacts immortalized in silver, brass and bronze; natural relics of stone and crystal, fossil and bone.

To our fellow wanderers and dreamers, treasure-hunters and true detectives, we invite you to explore with us. And when you go forth on your own journey, take us with you. May these treasures help to awaken the wisdom and power that sleeps within you.